How to Choose a Viper Turbo-Air Foaming System

Choose a Viper Turbo-Air Foaming System When choosing a Turbo-Air Foam Generator System, one should consider several capacity factors.

The Smallest Mixer:
What will be the capacity of the smallest mixer that will be used? Often our customers will use a small 3 ft.3 mortar mixer for some or all of their work.
Choose a Viper Turbo-Air Foaming System The Largest Mixer:
It is common that a standard 10 cubic yard ready mix concrete truck will be the largest mixer that a customer will use. Often under production pressure, several ready mix trucks are present and waiting at the jobsite.

How to choose a Viper Turbo-Air System.

The situation can arise where the larger foam generator can produce so much foam that it would be overwhelming to inject the foam directly into the small mixer. A work-around for this problem is to inject foam into a container and then dump the measured foam from the container into the small mixer. Other than being an inefficient way to use the foam there is nothing seriously wrong with using a intermittent measurement container foaming system.

The reverse of this situation is trying to foam the large mixer with a small foam generator. We like to keep the foaming time of the mixer less than 10 minutes. This is especially important if the production of the project is waiting on the mixer to be foamed. Small foam generators just don´t work with large commercial mixers, particularly under the pressure of production.

As a guideline we have established an index we call "10YD3 FOAMING TIME".

The FOAMING TIME is the amount of time it would take for each Viper Turbo-Air Foam Generator to correctly foam a 10 cubic yard ready mix truck if you were making 40 lbs. (330 psi) cellular concrete. By using the FOAMING TIME as an index, one can more accurately estimate the capacity for a Viper Turbo-Air foam generator.

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